As a family medical practice, at Collins GP we offer comprehensive GP services to the whole family which include Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Health, Chronic Disease Management, Blood Tests, Asthma Care Plans, Minor Surgical Procedures and other General Practices.

Collins GP works collaboratively with many psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure your mental health wellbeing. We provide advice for Mental Health Care Plans, Depression, Anxiety and Stress, PTSD, OCD, Phobias and Work Related Issues

Most people feel nervous discussing this subject, at Collins GP we are very mindful of these feelings. Confidentiality, respect, and dignity are paramount especially when managing sexual health.
Collins GP provides a full range Occupational Health services which include WorkCover, TAC, Comprehensive Emplyment Medicals, Medical Reports for Income protection and Immunisations Services.
Health Check is a comprehensive medical assessment that covers both your psychological and physical wellbeing. It enables you to make changes towards better health.
Collins GP is a Travel Health Clinic that provides you with travel health related advice and services and ensuring that you understand the risk(s) associated with travelling abroad.
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